Rolls-Royce Dawn driving on the road

Dawn - A Rolls-Royce like no other

Here is a motor car that looks to the future and brings with it a new level of finesse. Every drive opens new possibilities. ’s journey is only just beginning.

After the darkness comes . Its striking silhouette transformed at a touch, its inviting interior opened to the elements – to friends, to the unexpected, to endless possibilities. lives in the moment. The moment is now.


dawn’s silhouette is characterised by a bold optimism, always poised and ready to go. Slender roof proportions and a strong, sweeping shoulder line give a sensuous yet contemporary look. A powerful front end points towards new frontiers, creating a vision of dynamism and progress, even when stationary.

dawn is an intrepid statement, with a form to match. The crafted French seam in the soft-top roof offers an unbroken surface and stunning aesthetics. The windscreen frame, created as a single piece, enhances the sense of grace and fluidity, while the wider track and iconic grille lend purity and authority. An emblem of ease and opportunity, the roof opens in just 22 seconds, revealing an open deck area that connects you to your surroundings like never before.


Beneath ’s sleek exterior sits a 6.6-litre V12 twin-turbo engine. One engineered to deliver a surge of seemingly infinite power that will awaken your senses. A sensation that’s heightened the very second the roof quietly opens. This is open-top driving as you’ve never experienced it before. is enthralling inside and out, granting you both freedom and control. Driver assistance gives you a truly effortless drive – a chauffeur without a chauffeur. A uniquely modern agility means is the perfect companion to the most vibrant of lifestyles.


Alluring presence is unmistakable, right from the very first encounter. Striking and assertive, its charm and charisma draw you in. With the top up, the mood is powerful. With one touch, its sensuous appeal is unveiled: the roof silently folds away, revealing a seductive interior.

The interior is an effortless continuation of its exterior. Banks of leather create a soft line, fusing inside and out. The interior is also a destination in itself. Crafted from wood and leather, the cabin is indulgent. Roof up or down, wraps its passengers in comfort, providing a cosseting private haven and uplifting spaciousness. The contemporary interior is crafted in anticipation of unforgettable moments between friends: a true four-seater, is an experience designed to be shared.

Rolls-Royce dawn steering wheel
Rolls-Royce Dawn rear view

Maximum Power 563 Hp
at 5,250 rpm
Maximum Speed 155 mph
249 km/h
0-100 km/h 5 sec
80-120 km/h N/A
Maximum Torque 575 lbs/ft
at 1500 rpm
Displacement 402 6.6l


Basic Information
Max power 563 hp @ 5250 rpm
Fuel Economy EPA city/highway driving: 12/19 mpg
Engine 6.6 L V12
Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel Type Premium unleaded
Maximum torque 575 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm
Max speed 155 mph / 349 km/h
Valves 48
Weights and Dimensions
Length 208.5 in
Width 76.7 in
Height 59.1 in
Wheelbase 122.5 in
Passenger volume 100 cu ft
Cargo volume (top down/up) 9/10 cu ft
Transmission 8-speed automatic
Curb Weight 5776 lb

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