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Phantom Extended Wheelbase

Phantom Extended Wheelbase has an unforgettable presence. It’s more of everything: more luxury, more legroom – an additional 250mm in the rear passenger compartment – and more opportunities for Bespoke personalisation. With its lounge-like proportions, it’s an indulgent private space that’s perfect for working, entertaining or relaxing between engagements.

Experience the performance of Phantom Extended Wheelbase from the rear seats, as you are chauffeured to your next engagement. The state-of-the-art suspension technologies create the air-cushioned ‘magic carpet-like’ ride unique to Rolls-Royce.

Born to be Bespoke

Work or watch the world go by: make Phantom Extended Wheelbase your unique private lounge. Inside, gain extra privacy with a partition wall. Create a grander feel by extending the door panniers. Entertain in style with a hidden refrigerator full of refreshments. Design a motor car that’s as individual as you are.

Phantom Serenity is the perfect example of a Bespoke motor car: the pinnacle of automotive luxury and design. Taking inspiration from the idyllic and artistic gardens of Japan, it offers a sanctuary of calm. Inside, relax under an exquisite blossom tree. Crafted using the finest imported silk, smoked cherrywood with bamboo cross-banded veneers and mother of pearl inlays make the rear compartment the most tranquil place on the road.

Distinctive proportions

The powerful 2:1 proportions of the wheel-to-body height give Phantom Extended Wheelbase an unrivalled presence. But it is the long wheelbase – essential for a spacious interior – that really sets it apart from its smaller siblings.

The lightweight yet durable aluminium spaceframe, and extra 250mm of length, make Phantom Extended Wheelbase command attention. And if you have an audience, the innovative rear coach doors open wide, so that you can enter and exit with grace.

The curve of the roofline and sweep of the waftability line give the impression of light acceleration even at a standstill. And the Spirit of Ecstasy, which can be requested in stainless steel, solid silver, gold-plate or uplit, gracefully adorns every bonnet and boldly announces your arrival.

Inner luxury

The extra 250mm of legroom in the rear is made even more spacious by the flat floor, creating a relaxing and lounge-like environment. Step inside and you’re welcomed into a private interior that showcases our supreme craftsmanship – the finest leatherwork and wood veneers, and the softest cashmere.

It’s an experience that touches all the senses: the feel and scent of wide expanses of soft leather upholstery and the beauty of the bookmatched veneer. With deep lambswool carpets underfoot, it is the ultimate in comfort – whether you’re working, entertaining or relaxing between engagements.

phantom extended wheelbase dashboard
phantom extended wheelbase line up front view

Maximum Power 453 Hp
at 5,350 rpm
Maximum Speed 240 km/h
301 km/h
0-100 km/h 6.1 sec
0-100 km/h 4.1 seconds
Maximum Torque 531 lbs/ft
at 3500 rpm
Engine Capacity 5950 cc Petrol Engine


Basic Information
Max power 453 hp @ 5,350 rpm (338 kW)
Fuel tank capacity 100 l (26 gal)
Engine 6.7l v-12
Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel Type Premium Unleaded
Maximum torque 531 lb·ft @ 3,500 rpm (720 N·m)
Estimated MPG 16.8 city / 10.3 Hwy
Transmission 8-speed automatic
Weights and Dimensions
Length 6,092 mm (240″)
Width 1,990 mm (78″)
Height 1,640 mm (65″)
Wheelbase 3,820 mm (150″)
Curb weight 2,694 kg (5,939 lbs)
Weight distribution front-rear 49% - 50%
Power to weight ratio 125.4 W/kg
Top speed 240 km/h

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